Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day One in Class.

Going to class thinking that it will be a module where I have to do a lot of calculations and problems sums. However after the first lesson, I think I can slowly start to enjoy the process of learning math and how I can teach them to my children in a fun and engaging way so that they will not dislike math like how I do. 

One of the activity that we did in class was Tangram. I have to admit that I was really bad at it. But after trying out again during class time, it seemed to be interesting. Initially when my group got the different shapes, we explored all kinds of ways that we could form shapes using the pieces. I think that peers really helped a lot in the process of learning as they will be the ones who could help you solve a problem together when you encounter one. Slowly, we started to challenge ourselves, forming certain shapes with limited number of pieces. The sense of accomplishment after solving the problem was really good. 

I definitely look forward to the next lesson! :) 

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