Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day Three: Sharing things equally

Fractions has always been a confusing subject for myself. Thus having to teach it to young children, I am not very confident in doing so. As I do not know the correct way of teaching it properly and clearly to them. However after Dr Yeap's lesson about it, I guess I have digested it much better. 
The first problem that we encountered with fractions was to share a block of chocolate equally among 4 persons. Dr Yeap gave each of us a piece of rectangle paper to represent the chocolate bar and we had to divide it equally on our own. The class came up with many interesting ways of how to share the chocolate. As Dr Yeap kept prompting us of other ways which we could divide the chocolate, it really got us to think deeper as to how we can do so. If not we will just think of one to two solutions and will think that that's enough.
Another thing that Dr Yeap had been emphasizing in class was enrichment. Enrichment classes are something very commonly seen nowadays. Many parents send their children for enrichment classes after school or on weekends. However, many might think that enrichment classes should be teaching more than what the school had taught the children. If that is so, it is not called enrichment, it should be called the acceleration class instead.  Enrichment means adding on to what the child had already learn but still having the same concept. It does not mean uh teaching the child another concept and that's enrichment. It is something that teachers and parents should reflect about. 

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