Sunday, 29 September 2013

Last day in class

It is the last day of class for the elementary mathematics module. Though it's the last day, there were lots that I had learnt today. And all of them were like 'Oh My God!' to me. 
Firstly, division! So from the picture, you can see the long division which is done in the wrong way and it is also what I had been taught and done for many years during my school life. But today when Dr Yeap told us that it is totally wrong to do so, all of us were dumbfounded. It made us think what had happened to the education system back then. 
So apparently, this is what children do in school nowadays. And it is so much easier to understand actually. How I wish I was taught in all these when I was young then perhaps my results and interest for Math would have been higher. 
Next for our quiz, we were asked to come out with questions that lead to the equations that Dr Yeap gave us. It was really tough as the choice of words were very important as one wrong word might change the meaning of the whole question. 
Lastly, one game that we played in class called 'Salute!'. This game needs at least 3 players. It will be a game of multiplication. Get ready a set of cards without the joker, J, Q, K cards. Then one person among the 3 players will be the one to say salute. When the other players hear salute, they will have to pick a card from the stack and put in front of the forehead. So the person who said salute will have to calculate the total for both cards and tell the other two players. The other two players will have to guess the card that he/she has in front of the forehead. The number of people can be increase and instead of multiplication it can be changed to addition to make the game more challenging! 

I would like to thank  Dr Yeap for making Math a wonderful topic to study if I have met a teacher like you when I was young. But now I shall put what you had taught me into use for our younger generation and make sure they do not learn the wrong things that I did. I am definitely looking forward to the next module with Dr Yeap! :) 

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