Sunday, 22 September 2013

Look Here Parents! (:

Math can be a subject which can be either deeply loved or disliked by your child. Thus making the process of learning math fun and interesting for them is important. As technology and the society are improving, the ways and methods use to teach your child should improve as well. Learning and teaching math might be tough but use the right methods and it will be an enjoyable process for both your child and yourself.

Provide your child with an engaging environment where they can explore math concepts freely on their own. Making learning fun and interesting at home. Besides learning at school, make home a place where your child feels most comfortable learning in. Using items which they are familiar with to start off and build on the knowledge which they already have. It is also a good bonding session for the both of you.

Besides that, parents tend to overcome obstacles which their children met for them without allowing them to try solving on their own. Do not rush to give them the correct answer which they do not know how to do. Let them go through the process of solving the problem on their. It will be more effective than 'spoon-feeding' them with the right answers where they might not even know how the answer came about. The process of overcoming the problem will allow your child to think, do and finally get the ANSWER that they want on their own. Be by their side and give them guidance if necessary.


If you have any enquires on how to go about teaching math to your child, free feel to leave a comment. I will try my best to give my opinion.
Reference Van de Walle, J. A., Karp, K. S., & Bay-Williams, J. M. (2014). Elementary and middle school mathematics: Teaching developmentally (8th ed.). USA: Pearson Education Limited. 

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