Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day Two: Whole Numbers

For this session, one quote that I got from Dr Yeap is that "When the child is not ready to learn, teach him the readiness to learn before teaching him the concepts". As if the child is not ready to learn, no matter how you try to input facts into the child, he will not be able to absorb. The learning process of the children starts from modeling from adults, teachers scaffold and lastly learning independently. 
One teaching material that Dr Yeap introduced to us was the using of ten frames which I have not seen before. There are commercial ones which parents or teachers can buy from stores. Another way one can make the ten frames is by giving the children a piece of paper with lines drawn on the paper to divide the paper into 10 spaces and counters. So problem 7 was to add 5 to 7 to 6 and the total is 18. Using of the ten frames give the children a concrete material to work with when they are solving the problem. Not to say that children will enjoy the use of concrete materials, I think I enjoyed a lot too. It gives one more in depth thinking as there are concrete materials to work around with to try out the different methods to get the solution to the problem. 

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